The following information and links should assist a Brother to achieve a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. The information has been collated by W. Bro. John Belton.

Most the sites below were identified in mid-2005, have stood the test of time, and are included on the opinion of W. Bro. Belton. We hope you find something interesting in the list. However, there will inevitably be errors and omissions for which the collater apologises in advance. Should there be any 'requests to be added to the list' or 'complaints about non-inclusion' they should be addressed to the Webmaster.

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England and Wales

The first link is to QCCC Ltd. and their web site is published in association with Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076. However, even though the Lodge is the premier research Lodge in English Freemasonry there is very little Masonic information on this site.

There are quite a lot of links to Masonic sites on the above site but for a more complete list go to the UGLE Web site.

For more information from Quatuor Coronati Lodge visit the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon site. There are two pages in particular, courtesy of Bro. Trevor MacKeown

There are two Masonic publications on the Web:

Freemasonry Today shows some public material but most of it requires a subscription.

The Square an independent magazine for Freemasons.


Italy has produced a real treasury of outstanding work, The Pietre Stones Review of Freemasonry Some is from the past but current authors are also very well represented. Special mention must go to Bro Bruno Gazzo.

North America

There are many Grand Lodge sites and most of them offer some Masonic knowledge. Most draw from that excellent source of materials The Masonic Service Association of North America. Here you can find a full list of all the 'Short Talks Bulletins' and then use Google to search for any of interest to you.

The Scottish Rite Society site also provides abstracts of the contents of Heredom. This is probably now the premier source of transactions produced in the US. It is worth considering paying for a subscription.

An interesting selection of articles from the Scottish Rite Journal (SJ) are also in the site.

The Southern California Research Lodge publishes some of its papers on-line.

Paul Bessel is the librarian of the George Washington National Masonic Memorial and a keen collector. His site which contains many articles, is worth a visit.

Gary Dryfoos (of Internet Lodge) also has a site worth visiting.


The Australia and New Zealand Masonic Research Council have a site but unfortunately they do not offer their excellent series of Kellerman lectures.

United Masters Lodge 167 in Auckland, New Zealand offers a CD of their last 4 years' papers for $45 NZ. There are also some additional items.

Other Site

This is a directory of World Wide Masonic Lodges of Research