Welcome to the web-site of Internet Lodge No. 9659

Welcome to the Internet Lodge website. If you, dear Browser, are a fellow Mason, then I greet you as a Brother; yes, we are a "regular" Lodge under the constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England. We meet. physically, three times every year in England and Wales. So read on and think about joining us to show your belief in the principles of "Masonry Universal".

If you are ‘just looking’ then doubly welcome! I hope you will learn more about our global fraternity which genuinely transcends all forms of racial, religious or political prejudice and supports the excellent principles of international understanding and harmony. Our Lodge, we believe, is a true representation of that international harmony, having members in every part of the globe and a variety of cultures and nationalities: please feel free to enjoy our site and the many to which we have provided links."

Derek Oliver
Worshipful Master
Internet Lodge 9659