Welcome to the website of Internet Lodge No. 9659

BenAllenFraternal greetings.  Welcome to our web site

The website of Internet Lodge is packed with information which I trust will prove interesting to the mildly curious visitor, and to both newly admitted and more experienced masons.

Technology is impacting our daily lives and the way we live and interconnect. Members of Internet Lodge are embracing the opportunity to improve the way that Freemasons communicate. The quality of our ritual within the Lodge is outstanding – and very traditional! We have been invited to perform demonstrations of Emulation work.

Outside the Lodge we have worldwide private communications so that our members can indeed make their daily advancement.

I am deeply honoured to have been elected as the 18th Master of Internet Lodge, and believe me if you care to read some of the previous addresses given at installation you will see what wonderful people I have the privilege of succeeding. If you do nothing else today I would urge you to visit the ibrary link above, it is fascinating stuff!

Internet Lodge is a regular Lodge that operates in the Province of East Lancashire of the United Grand Lodge of England. We meet, in person, three times a year, once in Manchester for installation, and twice at different locations with in England and Wales. If you look at the Activities Pages, you can see the variety of places of Masonic interest where we have held meetings. It also shows where we plan to meet in the future.

And no; we don’t meet on the Internet.

That said, we are in daily communication with all of our members, utilising the Internet to teach, advise, and learn from each other and utilising the different social mechanisms that have become the societal norm these days

Where we meet is set out by the incoming Master at the time of his election, and so for this year we are planning to meet:

  • In Manchester, Bridge Street Masonic Hall for Installation on the 21st March 2015
  • In London, Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street on 8th August to see how the younger trendier masons do it
  • In Newcastle, Byker Masonic Hall on October the 10th, to fight through the Rugby fans to see a demonstration of a Northumberland ceremony.

I hope you enjoy the visit to our website.

Benedict Allen

Worshipful Master, Internet Lodge 9659