Cristian Mihutoiu1W Bro. Cristian Mihutoiu

16th March 2019

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Distinguished guests – Most Worshipful Grand Master of Romania, Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master of Netherlands, Officers of the Grand Lodge, Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge, Worshipful brethren and Brethren all.

We are gathered this afternoon for the Installation of Officers in a Lodge of Freemasons, Internet Lodge no. 9659. There are many debates about what Freemasonry is, where it comes from and what it seeks but after so many years one thing is for sure, its foundation is based on three major pillars, wisdom, strength and beauty and its major values are based on the universal brotherhood and friendship. In the coming year I will take the challenge and work hard to support these values for the benefit of our lodge.

Firstly, brethren I would like to welcome the Provincial Grand Master, Sir David Trippier, visiting our lodge today. Sir your visit is a great honor for me and our Lodge and your visits are always most welcomed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Officers and Brethren of Internet Lodge 9659 who have reposed their trust and confidence in me by electing me Worshipful Master of this unique Lodge for the ensuing Masonic year. Working together in peace and harmony, Brethren, we will make great progress towards achieving our universal aims of enlightenment, fraternal affection, and charity. Your brotherly love and friendship honor me and make me always proud for being part of this wonderful family.

A special thank you to my installing Officer WBro Alan Breward for the assistance of the Installing Wardens WBro Gerard Otten and WBro Chris White and the delivery of various addresses, to me by WBro Chris Malpus, and charge to the Wardens by WBro David Starbuck and to Brethren by RW Bro Sir David Trippier, and the presentation of the working tools by WBro Alan Turton, Bro Florin Serban and WBro Gerald Beese as well as the excellent work of our Director of Ceremonies WBro David Hedley. Congratulations to my predecessor WBro Alan Breward and his Officers for the hard work and dedication to making our lodge an example of universal brotherhood and friendship. Alan I rely on your support as ever in this forthcoming year.

I also thank all those outside the Craft who have made my election possible, especially my lovely wife Aurora and my children Miruna, Madalina and Vlad. All of them have supported me with their love and indulgence in my pursuit of the Craft, and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and sacrifice in doing so.

If it is even possible to select from among the Brethren, I now thank WBro Adrian Balan, who sponsored my petition to become a Freemason, WBro Corneliu Serdan, who made possible for me joining Internet Lodge 9659, WBro David Slack, who strongly encouraged me to submit my Manifesto for becoming the Worshipful Master of this lodge, WBro Royston Morris, WBro Ken Donoghue, WBro David Starbuck, WBro John Dutchman-Smith and WBro Jeff Morris, for who patiently taught me my catechisms, imparted ancient wisdom to me with great affection, and continues as my mentors and inspiration.

Of course, I would like to express also my gratitude to MW Bro Radu Balanescu, the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania, the Officers of the Grand Lodge and Romanian brethren all who are here to support me in this very important moment of my Masonic life and who entrusted me for the time being. My gratitude is going also to RW Bro Hank Janssen, the Deputy Grand Master of Netherlands and all the visitors today for making me the honor of being here in this very special moment for me.

Finally, I wish to thank the Officers of Internet Lodge 9659 who have agreed to serve with me. Already, their labors do them great credit. In particular, the upright zeal and wise insight of the WBro Stephen Gregory, has been a great support and guidance to me as I prepare for the year ahead. But it would be not just not to mention the many brothers here which became during the time strong examples and good friends making me feel always welcomed even if coming from other countries and different constitutions.

Along with my Installation today we shall always remember that had situations been different WBro David Slack would have been here together with us. However, the Great Architect chose to take David to join others in the Grand Lodge above and we should all reflect and remember the passage in the third degree that reminds us all that our time here is governed by the Great Architect and he alone knows when our time is due.

Our journey after the installation today will start with an exciting fraternal trip to Dublin which is planned for the second week of May where we are going to visit the prestigious Trinity College including the famous library Book of Kells and the Dublin Castle which are truly pages of history. We will continue with the Guinness Storehouse Tour and worldwide famous Arlington Celtic Nights show to meet old traditions at their home. Our masonic experience will be completed with a guided tour of the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the participation to the 998 Square & Compass lodge meeting based on their kind invitation.October will bring us together for our lodge meeting in Sindlesham near Windsor one of the most beautiful historical places to visit. Our guest speaker, which will take place, will be Mike Neville famous for his “Walks, Talks & Books” tours. He combines the virtues of great wisdom and knowledge with being friendly, interesting and open to new ideas. I am sure that his lecture will be not only interesting but of great inspiration for us all. Our ladies will be again happy with the special Ladies Festival organized on Saturday evening at the Masonic Hall to remember always their great importance in our whole life. 

W.Bro Cristian Mihutoiu,

16th March 2019