Internet Lodge No.9659

W Bro Emmanouil Diamantas
19thMarch 2022

Worshipful Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Brethren All, 
I’d like to take this opportunity and welcome you to our installation meeting. It is reassuring for us to return to our base, here at Bridge St. Normally, Brethren from all quarters of the world would attend; however, we are still affected by that dreadful pandemic. In these dire circumstances, I feel obliged to express my gratitude to our distinguished guest, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro the Rev. Canon Richard W Hawkins, PSGD, for honouring us with his presence today. Furthermore, it would be a glaring omission not to mention our worthy Brethren who travelled from abroad to attend this meeting. Finally, it is always a pleasure to meet our local Brethren, the loyal core of our unique Lodge.
It is a privilege and an honour for me to be installed in the Chair of King Solomon of an English Lodge of international orientation, with members dispersed over the face of earth and water. Just five months ago, I was also installed Master of my Greek mother Lodge in Athens. Being the Master of two Lodges in two different Constitutions seems to be a challenging yet rewarding task.
My theme for 2022 will be “Introduction to Greek Freemasonry”. Which brings us to our next activity, a fabulous journey to Greece in early May. Our agenda includes social meetings with friends and family, visiting several sites such as the temple of Parthenon on the rock of Acropolis, the museum of Acropolis, the oracle at Delphi, the temple of Poseidon at Sounion, the National Museum of Archaeology in Athens. From refreshment to labour, we will visit the Masonic Hall of Athens, administrative base of the Grand Lodge of Greece and receive a guided tour of its Library, Museum and Temples, before attending a meeting of my mother Lodge, Omiros No. 61, named after Homer, the legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two epic poems, central works of ancient Greek literature. 
Our next regular meeting will take place in Coventry in August.  A lecture on the origins of Greek Freemasonry will be delivered as well as a demonstration of the opening and the closing of a Lodge according to the Greek ritual. Depending on attendance, we may also host additional activities for friends and family.
For the last meeting of my year in the Chair I have selected Bristol, a masonic Province with strong history and unique ceremonies. Our business will be transacted in Freemasons' Hall at Park St., a grade II listed building with a fascinating biography, where a local team will conduct a demonstration for us. Finally, the Ladies Festival will be held on that Saturday, as usual.
Expanding our membership locally and internationally as well as maximising the attendance of our meetings and activities will be our primary objective. Having a large and talented pool of almost 600 members to choose from, we only have to activate as many of them as possible and get them involved in any office, Lodge activity or duty they can support. During the pandemic, we introduced weekly Zoom meetings, featuring most illuminating lectures, delivered by speakers of various Constitutions around the world. These meetings enabled us to keep our communication channels open and facilitated meeting Brethren who face difficulties in attending our regular meetings.
Local ambassadors are encouraged to maintain contact with members of Internet Lodge in their respective territories. Members of our Lodge travelling abroad should contact ambassadors, who will assist them in locating local Lodge meetings to attend, and also meet them socially, so as to strengthen our fraternal bonds.
Before I close my address, I’d like to thank all the Brethren who supported my candidacy for the Chair of King Solomon, assisted me as SW and ME, and contributed to organising today’s installation meeting and ceremony.  May we have a happy and prosperous masonic year!
Brother Emmanouil Diamantas
24th Worshipful Master Internet Lodge 9659 2022-2023