ED1Brethren, I had the great honour and privilege of serving this unique Lodge, an English Lodge of international orientation with members dispersed over the face of earth and water, as the twenty-fourth WM. Based in Athens, Greece, and, at the same period in the Chair of King Solomon of my Greek Lodge, this combination created a challenging yet rewarding situation. It would be a glaring omission not to thank all those who tirelessly supported me during this year, especially John Dutchman-Smith, David Starbuck, Christopher White, Alan Breward, Stephen Gregory, Cristian Mihutoiu, Derek Oliver, Stephen Wall, Alan Turton, Royston Morris, David Hedley, Christopher Malpus, Benedict Allen and many others.
My installation was conducted at Manchester Hall, Bridge Street, East Lancashire, on the 19th of March 2022, attended by Brethren who travelled from England and abroad and honoured by the presence of the APGM, WBro the Rev. Canon Richard Hawkins. My predecessor, WBro Stephen Wall, assisted by our DC, WBro David Hedley, orchestrated a meticulously delivered installation ceremony which will remain in my memory for so long as I shall live. Subsequently, my inaugural address revealed my theme for 2022, “Introduction to Greek Freemasonry”. At the festive board to follow, I was touched by WBro John Dutchman-Smith singing the Master’s song.
Our next mission was a fabulous journey to Athens in early May (4th-7th). At full deployment, twenty members and wives participated in various activities such as two formal dinners at a rooftop restaurant featuring a magnificent view of the Acropolis -and several informal ones, a visit to the National Gallery, a guided tour to the Rock and the Museum of Acropolis, a walking tour around the picturesque area of Monastiraki, and a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. From refreshment to labour, we attended a raising ceremony of my Greek Lodge, Omiros No. 61 under the Grand Lodge of Greece at the Masonic Hall of Athens, administrative base of the Grand Lodge of Greece, me presiding in the capacity of Master. Our visiting Brethren were presented with commemorative plaques by the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece, and later joined the festive board at the restaurant of the Hall. At the same time, our ladies received a guided tour at the Lalaounis Jewellery Museum, escorted by a local member of Internet Lodge and had dinner by the Acropolis.
Our next regular meeting was organised in Coventry, Warwickshire, homeland of Lady Godiva, wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, on the 13th of August 2022, affected by a peculiar heat wave. I had the pleasure of delivering a lecture pertaining to the origins and history of Freemasonry in Greece. For those who were unable to attend our lovely journey to Greece, as soon as the Lodge was closed, assisted by a small but highly efficient team, I gave a demonstration of the opening of a Lodge as per the Greek Constitution -in English- and presented our SW, WBro Stephen Gregory, with a tracing board of the first degree. We then enjoyed the company of our beloved Brethren and their wives at a white table, held at the same location. That concluded our activities in Coventry, and we said our goodbyes until our next merry meeting. Finally, I’d like to thank WBro Stephen Wall, our IPM, for making the necessary arrangements with the Masonic Hall and escorting me there four months earlier so as for me to evaluate the suitability and equipment of the Lodge room for the upcoming demonstration.
Next stop Berkeley, Gloucestershire, birthplace of Edward Jenner, FRS FRCPE, English physician and scientist who pioneered the concept of vaccines and created the smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine. Our meeting took place on the 8th of October 2022 at the Berkeley Arms Hotel, the meeting place of Royal Lodge of Faith and Friendship No. 270. Our Organist, WBro Chris Malpus, who is a member of the aforementioned Lodge, happily assisted us in making this meeting happen. A lecture “Freemasons & English Prime Ministers” by WBro Eddie Fortune was presented to the Lodge by WBro Stephen Gregory, our SW. The latter was elected Master of the Lodge for the year 2023-2024. WBro Les Bendall, WM of Royal Lodge of Faith & Friendship, also attending, gave a lecture on WBro Edward Jenner, PM of that Lodge. Our farewell dinner was held at the Gables Hotel in the evening, ladies invited, where we had the opportunity to be entertained by two opera singers of high repute, members of Internet Lodge. Responding to my request, they closed our wonderful congregation with “Rule Britannia”.
Brethren, now that my year in the Chair of King Solomon is almost over, I can only hope that you enjoyed our meetings and activities as much as I did, and once more express my gratitude to all of you for your kind assistance and invaluable support. I am looking forward to installing my successor and dear friend, WBro Stephen Gregory, and meeting as many of you as possible this March.
May the Architect Divine bless us all.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bro Emmanouil Diamantas
WM Internet Lodge No. 9659 for 2022-2023